The Bath Mat Vs Bat Rug Debate

It is a well-known fact that bathrooms are one of the private sanctuaries in any home. That is where you go and wash off the day. The place where you get a long soak and let the worries of the day wash down the drain. It is the one place where you exercise true self care.

The bathroom is the one place where you begin and finish your day and whether you realise it or not, it really does set the tone for the rest of your home. So, rather than taking shortcuts and ending up with a sad room with only the essentials, you should really invest your time and creativity to have a beautiful space to decompress.

For this reason, a bathroom needs both functionality and style to be the true sanctuary it is meant to be and apart from plants and candles, rugs and mats also play a key role in making sure your bathroom has everything it needs to offer you the serenity you need after a long day. However, bath rugs and mats serve different functions. Bath mats are used to absorb water to avoid post-shower or bath puddles while rugs are more of a decor choice which adds to the vibe of the bathroom.

Bath mats are typically used to avoid bathroom accidents caused by wet tiles. They provide an anti-slip surface for you to step on after you have stepped out of the bath or shower. They are also made to soak up the excess water splashed around the bathroom floors keeping them dry and free from mildew.

Bath rugs are a way to tie the entire bathroom decor together by creating a focal point and while they have more of an aesthetic function, they can also serve a functional role depending on the material they are made from.

Now that you know the difference, the real question is bath mat or bath rug?

There is no definite answer for this question as it all depends on your needs and preference.

Since bath mats are used for water absorption, they are specially made thick and textured and tend to have a compact footprint. So, if you are looking for something to make your bathroom fashionable, a bath mat won’t cut it.

Bath rugs on the other hand come in an array of shapes and sizes and present a lot of options when it comes to decor. However, since they are mostly decorative in function, they are generally nit as thick as bath mats which means that you will need to be sure to check them for mildew regularly.

Another factor to consider in the bath rug vs mat debate is the maintenance. Most bath mats can be easily cleaned using a mild detergent by hand or machine-washed. However, not all bath rugs can be cleaned the same way. some need you to dry clean especially those that are made from synthetic fibers.

The confusion and struggle between decorative and functionality are the main reason many people end up with buyer’s remorse. Therefore, it is highly advisable to shop for your bathroom needs at reputable stores such as Lorraine Lea which can offer you the best advice based on what you need here. Consulting with a bathroom stylist may be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your home.

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