What To Do With A Whole Lot of Lollies and Chocolate

So it's not every day that you find yourself in a situation where you have a whole lot of lollies and chocolate and can't possibly eat it all yourself but when you do, you want to share the magic of these treats and find ways to use these to improve your events or just create a giveaway. Here are some ideas regarding what you should do with your disposable lollies.


Yes, you have read that right. You can also use certain treats for decoration. The most common is the use of candy canes as Christmas tree decoration. It is easy to hang and you have something to cute to munch on when you start unwrapping gifts on Christmas day itself. Aside from candy canes, you can also use wrapped candies as cute decorations. There are also those cute little balls of chocolates wrapped in colourful foil or paper and it just begs to be displayed. Simply tie a string around one end and easily hang them from the ceiling and make your event look and taste sweeter.


You can never go wrong with giving sweets as giveaways because hey, no one hates sweets unless they have to. You are assured that your gifts will not simply be collecting dust at the back of your guests’ shelves. You can even put it in an awesome looking container so even after your guests have enjoyed your delicious treats, they have something to remember your event with. For example, as a wedding giveaway, you can give a box full of chocolate truffles which is basically an epitome of romantic gestures. Or for a kid’s birthday, a giveaway bag full of lollies and your party will surely be remembered by the children. There are so many types of candies to choose from to go with different occasions. But how do you get enough lollies to give away at a massive event - the answer is buying your lollies & sweets online at wholesale prices from a seller such as this one who offer a great range of sweets which they manufacture and want to sell in bulk. This means hosting your giveaway will be cost effective but will still bring that smile to peoples faces.

Party Snacks

One underrated snack food people have been sleeping on are candies and chocolates. People usually gravitate towards savoury snacks such as chips or hor d'oeuvres but sweets are as fun as them. Chocolates may be a bit hard to keep intact but a nice truffle which keeps its shape despite temperature changes or hard candies such as candy coated chocolates should be awesome party snacks. Sweets are more than just desserts so do not hesitate on bringing them out even before the main course. They will definitely be a party favourite.

Halloween & Christmas

Halloween has become more of a cheerful tradition rather than the spooky scary time it was known to be and is even becoming more popular in Australia as we follow the American tradition. On top of the crazy costumes, halloween is commonly related to sweets and chocolate. Even here in Australia, trick or treating is becoming increasingly popular with kids knocking on door to door in hopes to get some lollies and chocolate from their neighbours. If you don't want to disappoint potential trick or treaters who are looking for candy, then you should visit this website and order your candy in bulk from a wholesaler to ensure you have enough candy for everyone. During halloween, candy manufacturers will often offer cheaper wholesale prices or offer more variety in your order so they can compete with other companies to be the Australian candy of choice. And don't worry about any leftovers, you can always use these leftover treats in your Christmas party or even enjoy them yourself.

There are much more uses for lollies and chocolates aside from these. So it is definitely worth checking out for wholesale lollies and wholesale chocolates if you ever encounter one of the situational uses listed above.

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